Setup a paid Zoom livestream seamlessly with Routinr

Zoom zoom zoom. Chances are if you are in the fitness space then “Zoom” is the new buzzword going around. It’s mentioned on your social channels, its in your inbox and you’ve probably already been part of a Zoom live workout/yoga class/workshop/insert your hobby of choice.

Formerly used primarily by startups and businesses for videos calls and conferencing, Zoom has become the go-to for fitness professionals looking to adapt to the new, socially isolated, way of life. It’s allowing thousands of fitness professionals to keep their clients and followers engaged by providing real time streaming workouts, while maintaining a sense of community while everyone is at home. Best of all, it’s free for 40 minutes which in most cases is enough to cover a HIIT workout session or energising yoga flow.

What Zoom lacks is a seamless way to integrate payments as part of offering a high value live-stream.

For example, maybe you are already promoting your Zoom workout/class/webinar on your social channel and your excited fans can’t wait to sign up (yay!) BUT managing the payments, setting up recurring subscriptions, charging for one off events PLUS copy/pasting email addresses THEN adding them a Google Sheet, you CRM system and finally your email marketing like (like Mailchimp) hardly makes the whole thing worth it in the first place?

Well lucky for creators all around the world, Routinr solves this issue with seamless integration.

The process around monetising a Zoom live-stream is a task on its own and often labour intensive and messy.

Routinr’s Zoom integration (via Zapier) allows for seamless single and recurring purchases that automatically connect your subscribers to your Zoom live-stream.

In this article I am going the cover a simple scenario of setting up single payment access to a Zoom call using a free Zoom account.

Once you understand setting up single payments, it’s easy to improvise and create recurring membership payments to access your Zoom live-streams or automatically add your users to webinars.

Getting Started

Before we get started you will need to be across and have access to 3 things:

  1. Routinr’s Zapier integration. You’ll need access to the Zapier integration with our article on how to get setup here.
  2. A Zoom account. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up to Zoom here. I will be taking you through options for both free and paid Zoom accounts.
  3. You use Google Calendar to schedule your calendar events.

Setting up single payment access to a Zoom call using a free Zoom account

This is probably the most straight forward and hassle free way to test the waters with Zoom. You setup a simple one-off membership payment and give those users access to your zoom meeting/live-stream. The benefits of doing this is that you get to try out the offering and get feedback from your users with very little outlay. You can then use the list of emails for those who have signed up for further opportunities or add them to your mailing list.

The takeaway? A small effort for big outcomes, so let’s get to it.

Step 1: Login to your free Zoom account and navigate to Meetings

Step 2: Click the Schedule a New meeting button as seen below

Step 3: After you have clicked the Schedule a New Meeting button you can then select when you want to have your Zoom live-stream. In my case I’ve called it the Super Awesome Workout Session because this will be, a super awesome workout session!

Step 4: Once you have added in the time, date & all other details, you will hit save and be taken to a confirmation page. On this confirmation page you will see a “Copy the Invitation” link roughly in the middle of the page to the right (I’ve highlighted it in the below image)

When you click this you will see a popup with the invitation text. This is the text you want to use to add to the Google Calendar event you will add users to. The most important part of this whole text is the link to the Zoom meeting which you can see highlighted below.

Step 5: Now you have the invite to “Join Zoom Meeting” aka your live-stream, you need to create a calendar invite for when you want the live-stream to occur. In this example we are using Google Calendar to set up the invite. When you create your calendar invite, ensure you paste the Zoom Meeting Invitation into the description section of your Google invite.

You can see this below:

Step 6: Create a simple one-off payment membership in Routinr. For more about creating memberships you can read it on our FAQ section here.

Visit and head to your Dashboard and then click the ‘Create Membership’ button. You’ll see the membership builder popup. I’ve filled mine out like the below:

I’ve just picked a similar title to the name of my event and chose a “one-off” price of $4.99. The content you choose to offer can be whatever you like as it won’t matter wha1t you choose.

Hit save and that’s it!

Step 7: Now we head to Zapier and link everything up. This is the fun part. First thing you want to do in Zapier is create a ‘Zap’

*To read about getting setup with our Zapier integration you can read our instructional here. I’m going to assume you’ve connected with Zapier so I’ll skip past that.

The way this Zap will work is simple:

  • We connect with Routinr and extract all users who have subscribed to our “Super Workout Membership”
  • We then search for the event we have created in Google Calendar
  • We add the subscribers of our Super Workout Membership to the calendar event

After clicking ‘Make a Zap’ the trigger you want to select is “New membership subscriber” This is because we want to trigger the Zap whenever a new subscriber has signed up to your membership.

Choose the account (or link up to your Routinr account as per setup) and then pick the membership you set up for your Zoom live-stream (for this example we would choose “Super Workout Membership”)

Next hit continue and then Test and Continue.

Note that if you don’t have any subscribers you wont see any data so don’t be alarmed by an error here or no data coming through.

Step 8: Next, you want to link your Google Calendar event in Zapier.

Choose Google Calendar app from the drop-down menu and use the Search function to find your Google Calendar event that you set up earlier with your Zoom meeting details. Use the image below as a reference:

After you hit continue you will be able connect and choose the Google Calendar account you used for the invite to your event and then search for the event. This is the event invite we created earlier in our Google Calendar called “Super Awesome Workout Session” so we’ll search for that in the Search Term (see below for the example)

Once you have done that hit continue and then ‘Test and Review’. You should see your Google Calendar event show up. If it doesn’t, ensure the search term matches your event headline exactly.

After hitting continue you have one more simple step: to click the + button at the bottom of the screen:

Step 9: After hitting the + icon (see above image) you again need to select the Google Calendar connection. This time you want to select Add Attendee/s to Event:

Step 10: Choose your account and then Customize Attendee/s. Pick the same Calendar invite you chose earlier.

In the event section you want to select the same event that we searched for and found previously in Step 8. You can see it now shows up in the drop down menu below:

After selecting your event all you need to do is choose the extracted users email into the invite. We have already grabbed this from Routinr in Step 7 so we we just have to select the extracted field. Check out how easy it is below:


In the Attendee/s field select the Routinr data dropdown highlighted above.
Select “User email” to add it into the Attendee/s field.

Once you have selected the “User Email” option and added it to the Attendee/s field you are pretty much good to go!

Hit continue.

Now since I have 1 email already subscribed when I hit Test and Continue Zapier will run a test of the setup. Immediately after running the test I can see that my subscriber has been added to my calendar event!

I hit Test and Continue
I check my Calendar invite I created for my event and can the Attendee has automatically been invited!

Step 11: Turn on your Zap! (you will see a Toggle option to turn your Zap on.

Now whenever someone signs up to your membership, they will automatically be added to your calendar event!

From here you can be more creative around how to setup paid memberships and connect them to your live-stream. Setup recurring memberships and build a recurring revenue income providing live-streams becomes easy and automated. You can then connect your Zoom attendees to your Mailchimp mailing list and so on.

The opportunities are endless when you connect Routinr with Zoom.

If you get stuck with any of the steps above feel free to contact our support team ( and we’ll ensure you get your connection up and running in no time. Happy zoom’ing!