Routinr + Zapier – The perfect combination for influencers

Here at Routinr we are always looking for ways to be a seamless and valuable part on both sides of the content marketplace. For influencers and and content creators we want to ensure we continue to build tools that are intuitive and seamlessly lead to monetisation of their amazing content. Achieving this is not simply a matter of creating a great native product, but also thinking about what happens before and after our platform is used and where it fits in the social business ecosystem.

This is where Routinr’s Zapier integration comes in. Zapier is an automation tool that connects your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Sheets + 1,500 more.

With the power of Routinr’s Zapier integration you can connect and push your Routinr data (Zapier calls these ‘triggers’) into one or more apps that you are already using. This ensures Routinr fits into any current workflows or key apps that you are currently using, automating key tasks and actions that would normally have involved a manual effort.

Key data you can extract from Routinr

There are a number of data points you can collect from Routinr and push these into your other apps. These data points are known as ‘Triggers’ in the Zapier platform and they include:

  1. New Routine Purchase: When a user purchases a routine you can get the following information with Zapier:
    • User’s email
    • Users’s username
    • User purchase date
    • User ID
  2. New Membership Subscriber: When a user subscribes to one of your memberships you can get the following information with Zapier:
    • User’s email
    • User address (where applicable)
    • Users’s username
    • User subscription sign-up date
    • User ID
  3. User unsubscribes from Membership: When a user unsubscribes from your membership you are able to get the following info with Zapier:
    • User’s email
    • Users’s username
    • User ID
    • Date originally subscribed

Use Cases

Being able to seamlessly extract the above mentioned data from Routinr opens up an almost endless list of possible use cases. Below are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Adding Routinr membership subscribers to a Google Sheet
  • Invite Routinr subscribers directly into your private Slack Channel
  • Automatically add your subscribers into your Mailchimp mailing list
  • Import your Routinr customers directly into your Shopify store
  • Connecting Routinr to your favourite CRM: (ie Hubspot, Asana, Trello)
  • Adding your customers from Routinr to a Facebook Group
  • Automatically Message your Routinr customers with Facebook Messenger 
  • Setting up a Thank you email and email flows whenever a user purchases or subscribes to your content.
  • Setting up a “Sorry to see you” go email for those who unsubscribe
  • Connecting your Routinr followers to Click Funnels
  • Add your Routinr subscribers and customers to a Trello list
  • Automatically Setting up a Calendly invite for online coaching invites 
  • Set up custom email alerts
  • Add your Routinr customer and subscribers as a Salesforce contact

How to get started

The Zapier integration is still in Beta however we invite you to test it using the below invite link:

You need to use that link to Register/Sign up in order to use the Routinr integration.

Over the coming days and weeks we will build out tutorials for some cool automations you can do.

Enjoy the integration and if there are any issues please us as so we can assist you as quickly as possible.