Introducing the Routinr Feed

At Routinr the goal for our users is to be able to access inspiring daily routines at the touch of their fingertips. Now in your dashboard, you can access your calendar to view activities for the day, move to your posts to see what new premium content has been released from your favourite creators and then maybe continue on and browse new routines.

As we continue to offer new ways for creators to offer content, we have remained mindful that we need to come up with an intuitive solution that serves both our creator and user communities by providing an experience where users can continue to consume and adopt life changing content quickly and effortlessly regardless of the format.

Introducing the Routinr News feed

The Routinr feed is one of a kind, providing a roundup of content specially curated for each user for that day. Currently what you will see in your feed includes:

  • Routine activities for that day
  • Premium posts from creators that a user has subscribed to
  • Premium video content that a user has subscribed to

How to access your news feed

Your news feed is currently live! If you have the latest version of the app (if you don’t have auto-updates set up learn more about how to update your app here for iOS or here for Android) are viewing Routinr from a browser, then your news feed will be active.

If you are using our iOS or Android app, click the “Plans” section at the bottom and this will take you directly to your feed. You will notice the Calendar and routines tabs have been moved across to make way for our feed which is now the first thing you see.

For those using a browser, whether it be on a mobile or desktop, when you visit your calendar you will see the feed tab available just beside the calendar.

This update is setting us up to be able to provide more great content options that are easy to access from anywhere in the app.

We hope you enjoy using this new feature and if you have any questions regarding this update please feel free to send us your feedback on