Introducing Routinr Memberships

Our goal at Routinr is to provide a more meaningful and rewarding social experience for both influencers as well as their fans. The concept of “Routines” was to provide insight into a day in the life of inspiring individuals. We acknowledge that this value offering can be delivered in a variety of ways. This has led to the launch of Routinr Memberships.

Routinr Memberships offer more dynamic and flexible ways to distribute amazing content, whether it be an instructional video, an inspiring article, exclusive access to your mastermind group or even a personalised gift from you to your most loyal of fans.

Memberships are by far the fastest and easiest way to build life changing and regular recurring revenue for simply doing what you do best, create great inspiring content for your followers.

How do memberships work?

Memberships provide a way for you to offer access to selected premium content to paying members. This content can be in the form of premium or ‘locked’ posts, routines and other rewards and benefits you choose (even offline and physical rewards).

Memberships pricing can be structured in 2 ways:

  1. Fixed monthly amount (a great way to offer ongoing content in return for regular income)
  2. A one off amount (if you just want to offer your content for a one-off fee)

There is no limit to what you can charge however the minimum amount you can charge, whether it’s recurring or one-off, is $1.

What content and rewards can a membership unlock?

A membership can unlock all or some of your Routinr content. Currently, you have the choice to include the following as part of your membership:

  1. Unlock all Routines
  2. Unlock all Premium Posts
  3. Unlock all Routines and Premium posts.

Added to this you can include additional rewards for members such as social media shoutouts, access to an exclusive Facebook or Whatsapp group, invitation to exclusive offers or maybe an offline reward you send in the mail. With memberships, the flexibility is there to use it how you wish and ensure your can offer a variety of rewards your fans will love.

How can I communicate with my members?

We provide you with the ability to download a list of all your subscribers so you can add them to your email marketing lists and communicate with them. Eventually we will provide the functionality within the platform itself however, for now, you can download your customer list and communication with them directly. Watch this space.

How do I start with my first membership?

To create your first membership, you will find a ‘Membership’ tab within your dashboard.

Hit “Create new membership” and a dialogue box will open where you can start setting up your new membership.

For more information on setting up your first membership you can read more here.

How often would I get paid?

We use Stripe to automate this process and depending on where you are located, funds will be transferred daily into your account on either a 2 or 7 day rolling basis. For more information on how the payout process works you can learn more about the payout process here.

We will be continually building out our influencers FAQs and wiki with information about memberships which you can view here. Alternatively feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions at