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Routinr is looking for an influencer lead to join its growing team.

You can apply to this tole by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Please see below the full job description:

About the role

The Influencer Lead is tasked with sourcing, liaising and nurturing high priority influencers to ensure they are given support, resources, attention and guidance to create amazing and engaging content on the Routinr platform. Happy, successful and content-rich influencers are the backbone of the Routinr business and form the entire user experience.

The ideal person for this role has a deep understanding of the influencer landscape, can connect to talent easily using their network and know how to engage new influencers while at the same time, identifying those with the most potential to perform well on the platform. They will go to great lengths to acquire these influencers and creatively use available resources to onboard them onto the platform.

You will also be responsible for ensuring Routinr’s social accounts are up to date with great content that appeals to both users adopting routines as well as influencers researching the platform. Routinr will look favorably on someone who has demonstrated the ability to grow a social presence as it shows an understanding of the landscape as well as the proven track record.

What to expect in your role and the company

You will be involved in a promising global tech startups at a very early stage. The team is young and driven and you will be reporting directly to the CEO and the Head of Product. You will work autonomously and be able to set your own plan and schedule, leveraging your connections and available resources to ‘make it happen’. This is not a role where you are expected to spend 9-5 in an office, with remote applicants welcome to apply for the role.

Routinr is an organisation where all employees need to feel it is their company. Doing an amazing job can be done differently from one person to another and we want to support that.


The responsibilities of the Influencer Lead encompass the following:

  • Grow the Routinr influencer base with highly engaging influencers who can succeed on our platform
  • Pick the right influencers across multiple categories that have the potential to deliver great  and profitable content
  • Ensure there is a good spread of influencer content on Routinr across categories
  • Support our influencers by assisting with ideas around content creation, curation and execution, ensuring key influencers have the resources to create content that sells and leads to a great experience for the user
  • Ensure influencers are happy, love the Routinr brand and in turn become raving fans and advocates
  • Manage a dedicated influencer acquisition budget efficiently and effectively using creative means to extract the most out of resources at hand
  • Think outside the box when it comes to both influencer acquisition and content creation
  • Manage Routinr social channels and drive social growth
  • Create internal content such as blog posts, social media posts, video content and internal Routinr program content.

Types of Day to Day activities

Typical day to day activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Utilise current local and global connections and network to source potentially successful influencers
  • Working directly with local and international influencers to ensure the best available content creators for the platform are sourced and acquired
  • Research and find potentially successful influencers through creative means, such as cold outreach, outreach campaigns, or other unique ways
  • Nurture both potential and current influencers ensuring they are supported to create, publish and promote their programs on Routinr
  • Frame and plan content production for key influencers within allocated budget
  • Encourage our core influencers to keep promoting their Routinr profile on their channels and provide advice on future content pieces and promotional campaigns
  • Liaise with high performing platform influencers on a regular basis to assist them with advice on new content and provide the relevant support and resources.
  • Identify applicable events and conferences where influencers will be attending and ensure we have exposure.
  • Engaging with internal marketing and social media managers to provide them with content ideas where applicable
  • Report on prospective influencer pipeline, acquired influencers, influencer status updates and general influencer acquisition performance.
  • Updating social channels and interacting with influencers via these channels.

Type of Employment and Remuneration

We are seeking a full-time employee, however as a progressive tech startup we will take applications from candidates who need more flexible working arrangements and less than full-time hours. Students, parents, carers, remote applicants are all welcome to apply and will be considered. Please state any flexible requirements or wishes on your application.

$45k – $80k depending on the seniority of the applicant. As a growing business, we are prepared to hire a senior applicant, or a junior applicant depending on their capabilities as we will continue to hire as we grow.

About Routinr

Routinr is the world’s first enabling platform for lifestyle influencers. For users it enables people to emulate their favourite influencers by adopting the routines that make them special. For influencers, Routinr makes it easy for those in the fitness, travel, food and lifestyle space to get paid by sharing premium content, insights and daily routines with their fans.

Routinr is currently embarking on the start of its growth phase, with acquiring influencers at the core of its growth strategy. We are looking for an inspired, motivated and determined individual to lead the influencer acquisition initiatives. This Influencer Lead will be heavily involved with the outreach, engagement, nurturing and supporting of influencers to ensure we attract the top talent and provide them with the resources required to be successful on our platform.

Ideal candidate qualities

  • Experience in a discipline such as marketing, communications, PR, social media marketing, digital marketing or advertising is desirable
  • Tertiary qualification is not essential where results-driven experience in social media marketing can be demonstrated
  • A portfolio of social media results, whether they are for your personal brand or account, or for brands that you have worked on behalf of
  • A network of influencer contacts that you can leverage for engagement with Routinr
  • Exceptional conversational English and the ability to write in modern popular style is essential
  • The ability to take quality photos and videos, and edit, is desired, but not essential
  • Experience across diverse social platforms and a desire to stay abreast of new social media trends

Fill out the below form to apply

Please send us your professional CV as an attachment in this form below, along with a cover letter than outlines the following:

  • your experience leading social media accounts
  • the name and link of any professional or personal social media accounts we can review to understand your work- your potential network of social media influencers that you could tap into
  • where you are based
  • any modern work arrangements you’d like to see if you were in this role 
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