Creator Product Updates – July 2020

July has been a big month for creators on our platform and we have also released some updates to help make building your content on Routinr both easier and more profitable.

Here are a few things you will notice:

Routine Previews

Sometimes it can be difficult to envisage what your routine will look like and whether the images and activities flow the way you would like for the users.

To rectify this issue we have introduced a preview feature you can access anytime you are in the builder.

You will see the preview button in the routine builder on the right hand column:

You will then see a preview of your routine you can scroll through (see below)

Creator/User Toggle

To help differentiate between a standard user and a creator we have implemented the functionality to toggle between the two modes. This is designed to help put key actions at your fingertips depending on whether you are a creator or a user.

We have also updated the menu layout thats a little more intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

Routine detail page update

Refreshed our routine detail page to not only fresh it up but give the users a little more information about your routine such as how they would benefit from it as well as a quick snapshot of how it will look.

You now have the option of telling your users how your routine will change their life.

After the scroll past this section they will be able to see how your routine will look and what type of activities they will see everyday. Note they will not be able to click these activities as it’s purely a preview:

August should also be another month full of updates so watch this space!