5 Tips from our highest earning influencers

Creating a Routine on Routinr and NOT telling your fans about it, is like booking a table for your best friend at the hottest restaurant in town… but never telling them about it. You’ve done the hard work already, building a community of fans on your social channels that are engaged & invested in your content. The hard part is done. By creating a Routine you’ve created revenue generating content that you KNOW they’re going to love. So all you need to do is tell them about it. Check out this guide for promoting your Routine on social media. And remember, there is NO shame in knowing what your value is, and asking for it. You’ve got this.

Picture this, you’re scrolling on the “Discover” page and you see a bright, edited, enigmatic image that captures you, draws you in, almost like it’s speaking to you. In fact, that is probably the only image you’ll remember as you scroll mindlessly through the drab, dull and listless profiles that all merge into one. Which would you rather be? How do you want the world to see you? Your profile is your proverbial shopfront window. Like any visual merchandiser, you want to style the images, make sure your cover and profile images complement each other, and of course, write an engaging bio that tells people exactly why they should buy into your Routine. Good luck!

Just like on Instagram, there are going to be some people that prefer to consume your video content, while some prefer reading your caption’s and others just want to look at your pictures. It’s the same on Routinr, and the platform gives you endless format‘s to share content. Keep this in mind when you’re creating your Routine’s – if you’re sharing a workout plan, how does this look in your ecosystem of content? Could you load an e-book as an attachment as well as daily videos to demonstrate the movements? How can your existing content live across multiple formats? Thinking of your content as an ecosystem expands your e-book into videos, audio files, images and more.

Maybe you already have an e-book or sell some products on your online shop. That’s great. But how can you use Routinr in a way that sets you up to earn recurring income? I’m talking about a subscription or membership based business model. Aka instead of a one off purchase of your e-book, how can you create an income stream so that same person who bought your e-book evolves into someone who is also paying to be a member of your program? This means you don’t have to work so hard to get NEW customers to buy your e-book each month. Routinr let’s you create an end-to-end membership solution for your business so you can pivot your single-purchase business model into a subscription based one and hugely increase your average customer lifetime value. If you’re reading this and just said “huh?” you’re going to want to read this article… like, now.

This is probably the unsung hero of the whole Routinr platform. Posts. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” which led to you spending hours on your website or Instagram writing blog posts (for free) all the while thinking “why am I even doing this?” I’ve been there. And what I’ve learned over the years is that the people that will pay for your content will. And the others, well they’ll keep engaging with your free content on social media. With Posts on Routinr you can create premium content for users to purchase, while teasing the articles on your existing channels for free. It’s about time we start getting paid for some of the content we produce… right?