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Getting Started on Your Vegan Meal Plan

Starting a meal plan of any type can seem hard at first, as you are changing up your entire diet. Depending on how you currently eat, this can be a small change, or an extraordinary one. However, with a few tips, a beginner’s vegan meal plan can become much easier to follow, and much easier to stick with until you...

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15 Celebrity Routines that Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Did you know that your daily routine can make a significant difference to how healthy, happy, and productive you are? If you want to be successful, then you have to revise your plans and focus on adjusting your routine with the aim of getting more done and wasting less time in-between the tasks. Below are the top 15 celebrity whose...

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Sources of Plant Based Protein for Vegans

We have a number of plant based / vegan based routines on Routinr. One of the main concerns we see is that people assuming that vegan foods means high carb food and that meat is needed in order to give an element of muscle building protein. In addition to that, society as a whole is leaning towards moving away from...